Sculptural Watch Case Design by Nicolas R. Jeanson

SW-surfaceNicolas JEANSON, following his meeting with Rob STEWART, has designed the Shark Watcher. The Shark Watcher is the first watch of TEMPVS COMPVTARE watches.This watch is a tribute to Rob Stewart’s movie: SharkWater. Released in 2008, this movie especially enhancesthe catastrophic effects of the organised poaching of the oldest predator of our oceans, hunted for its fins, the shark. The Shark Watcher directly drew its design from the underwater universe. Its hydrodynamics shapes and the generous dimensions of the box, dedicated to a submarine use bear it. SharkWatcher waterproofness and visibility are guaranteed up to 200 meters (660 ft) deep. No animal skin is used in the conception of  the Shark Watcher. Thus to reduce to a minimum the impact of transportation on the environment, SharkWatcher is 100% produced and assembled in Switzerland.



Michelle Rodriguez wearing the Sea Shepherd Watch

Michelle Rodriguez wearing the Sea Shepherd Watch